Some of my favorite places

……that assist me in living my life to the fullest


Dyekora Sumda Midwifery Services:
Nya Memaniye was not only my midwife for both of my birth, she is my GYN & my Nutritionist. I have so much gratitude for all the knowledge she has shared with me!

The Institute for Family Health:
We are holistic, so it’s very important to have a practitioner that doesn’t force western medicine as a means of healing the body. It’s truly a family practice, my doctor services not only me, but my boys!


Floral Symbiosis:
Farrah is unlike any florist you will ever meet! The creator of fresh floral crowns!! Her monthly hand crafted floral subscriptions will leave your home filled with a delicate scrumptious aroma.

Food, Food, food!

byCHOLE: OH MY GOSH!!! If you are looking for meat free comfort food, then you need to RUN here. My favorite is their pesto meatball and their Mac & cheese

&pizza: When i switched my diet, the one thing I truly missed was pizza. Than along came & pizza with their unlimited custom pizza. yes you heard me UNLIMITED!!


Ancient Song Doula:
If there is one thing I wish I had for my Labor and Delivery was a DOULA!!
For those who are looking supporting during you journey to motherhood. Or if you would like to become a doula check out these beautiful sisters!

The Cowrie Shell Center:
Sister Yendy’s has manifest this divine center that focuses on the mind body and soul. Her healing work varies from hair care to yoni steams!

Life Wellness Center:
Kadijah hands… oh my gosh her hands are magic! If you need support in loosening up your muscles check her out. And guess what she takes insurance!!!!

Hair Care

Bespoke Curry: Amber-cat is THE TRUTH!! She is everything one would hope for when you seek a Natural Hair Stylist! My beautiful custom hair color was created by her. She really cares about her clients and the health of their hair. When she colored my hair she gave me a product regiment to follow. I mean come ‘on how many hairstylist take the time to give their clients “hair prescriptions”


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