NYFW Recap

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Attending NYFW is like being in a visually stimulating bubble. The real show begins in the street & ends on the runway.

For years, NYFW has always stood out to me as a week for the Fashion Elite. I can recall walking past Bryant Park, watching the playbacks, fantasying about attending. As I began to believe in my mission, invitations to shows started to manifest itself.

When I first began to attend Fashion Week, I would dress so far out of the box, with hopes of being captured for my overtly unique style. I definitely caught some press, but would l come home unfilled. I felt like I was wearing a fashionable costume. I’ve realized that my invitations were not based on me pushing the fashion envelope, but because I am confidently comfortable with my own style.

As a professional People Watcher, it has become entertaining to see those who are comfortable vs those praying to end up in #nyfwstreetstyle. It’s also come to my attention that the most captured for street style are not of color…but that’s a whole ‘nother review.

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