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Soka x Afroista

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  • Island Gyal Do it the Best!

    A few year ago, while searching for other Buddhist members on IG I stumbled across @officallysoka. At first I thought she was reprepping Soka Univeristy, but quickly learnt that she was a talented designer. Her collection and visuals captivated me. And then I died when I found out that she was from SVG!!!

  • This past summer, I made a vow to go home and create some beautful conent. I was humbled when Karen reached out & asked if we could shoot! As we brainstormed the obstacles started to pile up. That’s when I knew that this was going to be EPIC. “Life without hardships may seem more attractive, but it is a shallow, lackluster thing.” –Ikeda

  • As the universe would have it, a few of us creatives were visiting the island at the same time. I wanted to cry tears of joy when I arrived at our first location. It was one of my uncles favorite watering holes. I felt my ancestors were saying “Gyal, push through, do your thing!” Boi lemme tell you, it was hotter than a witches titty!

  • I don’t know if you are familiar with Island life…. anything out of the norm is carefully watched. That morning we created a stir in Kingston. From Middle Road to Tokyo folks were watching as we made Town our stage.
    It was an honor to shoot with @rebekahoksana & if that wasn’t enough Akley Olton created this beautiful short. I hope that you enjoy!

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