I know I know

Over three years ago a photo of my hair blowing in the wind went viral. Unbeknownst to me, the attention that pictured received encouraged me, to tap back into my Artistic Nature. I was also then introduced to the rapidly growing the Natural Hair Community.I was told to dive right in... Doing hair tutorials wasn't my bag.... shhhh I was just getting use to maintaining my own hair! And to be honest I felt like EVERYONE was doing tutorials....

No More Excuses

I've been fortunate enough to accomplish goals I daydreamed about. But I am more than just a pretty face or a MUSE, I am a Creative Advocate! As the days rolled into months & years, I sat and pondered..."What is my voice?" "What should I share?" Though I have never had a problem with stepping out of the box. Now I was faced with pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have been holding myself back. Not any more!!!

Lemme be Honest

I am far from perfect! Will never claim to be, not everything is always Peachy Keen. Becoming a Freelancer was by far one of the scariest rewarding thing I have ever done {Besides giving birth}! It has forced me to assess my life, my pattern of suffering. To embrace my creative spirit & to live life to its fullest!

Lets have Fun

I wanna thank you now for joining me on this journey. This website has become my living diary. Check back often for updates. I am looking forward to sharing the knowledge I have gathered! My reviews on products and events I attend. As yes! I will start making hair tutorials!! So lemme know what ya need and I got you!